your editors


Matt Thompson.

Responsible adult, cat wrangler.

Matt has a PhD in anthropology from the University of North Carolina and a Masters in Information Science from the University of Tennessee. When not blogging or grading papers he likes cold beverages, listening to music, and smoking barbeque, preferably all at the same time.



Andria Timmer.

Assistant responsible adult, carrot and stick wielder.

Andria has a PhD and Masters of Public Health, both from the University of Iowa. She teaches nutritional and medical anthropology at Christopher Newport University.  When not in the classroom, she can be found on her bike, in her garden, or in the kitchen.

Kira Rib.

Unsuspecting test subject.

Kira is a student at New College of Florida and undergrad rep to NASA, the AAA’s student association. She has got herself roped into something, yet again.