submission checklist

1. Feel free to direct questions to before you submit.

2. For written works use single spacing, no formatting, and save the piece as a .doc file. Embedded hyperlinks are okay, but we are not doing multimedia yet.

  • Name your file LastnameFirstname.doc.
  • Visual works should be in a .jpg file, or if already uploaded to a streaming service then sharing the URL link without an attachment is fine.
  • Do not submit a .doc with embedded images, send the image files separately. Do not submit .pdf files.

3. Send the file(s) as an email attachment to

  • In the subject line use some of the genre terms in bold from the call for submissions to describe the type of submission you are making. Here just say what it is, not what it is about.
  • For written works follow this with a number representing the word count, for visual works write “visual” after the genre term.

4. In the body of the email include:

  • Your name, school, class year, and major.
  • Write a 1-3 sentence bio about yourself in the third person, include something about your future plans. Then state briefly what the submission is about.
  • You do not need to submit a resume.

5. Please submit early. You are welcome to submit multiple works. Submissions will be acknowledged within three weeks.